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T3DD from Devs for Devs - call for participation

Speakers - step up to the mic - at TYPO3 Developer Days 2019 in Karlsruhe!

Oliver Hader is the new Security Team Lead.

Security Team Reboot

Last year, long time team lead Helmut Hummel stepped down from the position of the Security Team Lead. This year brings a new workflow and a revised structure.

This Month in TYPO3 - March 2019 - Issue #12

This month’s edition introduces two new categories: documentation and contribution. Both topics are very important for the TYPO3 project and deserve more visibility!

Report on the Team Sprint in Wiesbaden (Feb 2019)

From 10th to 13th of February our team met in Wiesbaden. We were guests in the office of AOE.

Help Us Shape TYPO3 Karma

Karma will become a part of your user account before the end of 2019. It is a way to measure and visualize your contribution to the TYPO3 project and community. We hope it will encourage involvement through gamification that is rewarding for both you and your employer.

Introducing the TYPO3 Initiative Week (T3INIT19)

One week, 30 people - coming together to shape the future of TYPO3 - the TYPO3 Initiative Week

This Month in TYPO3 - February 2019 - Issue #11

In February, we introduced the new TYPO3 Core development structure and are looking ahead to the upcoming elections. recap 2018

From 4th to 7th October our team met in Essen. This is a short report from our sprint, a retrospective of our work in 2018, and a look at what’s in store for 2019.

This Month in TYPO3 - January 2019 - Issue #10

The new year started with exciting new projects like the TYPO3 book project and a couple of interesting blog posts.