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TYPO3 9.5.15 and 8.7.32 maintenance releases published

The versions 9.5.15 and 8.7.32 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.

TYPO3 Accessibility Initiative Needs Your Feedback

The TYPO3 Accessibility Initiative was reinitiated in June, 2019 by members of the TYPO3 community. Please help them by filling in their short survey.

Structured Content Initiative - What Happened in February?

Here’s an update from the TYPO3 Structured Content Initiative about what happened last month.

Report: Google CMS Security Summit 2020 in Munich

The CMS Security Summit is an annual, invitation-only event organized by Google, where CMS Security team leads share knowledge with industry colleagues to make CMS systems and the web more secure.

We Want You as Core Merger in 2020

Every year we are re-evaluating the Core Mergers positions, and open up for new people to join the efforts of driving TYPO3 Core's development further. And 2020 could be your year to join?

TYPO3 Version 10.3 - Almost There

Yes, we are getting closer to the TYPO3 v10 LTS release with every day and with every code commit — and you can feel it. Today we are super excited to announce the last v10 sprint release before the LTS release in April 2020.

TYPO3 9.5.14 and 8.7.31 maintenance releases published

The TYPO3 Community announces the versions 9.5.14 LTS and 8.7.31 LTS of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.

An Update About the Dashboard for TYPO3

It has been a while since I gave you an update about the new Dashboard for TYPO3, but I can guarantee you: we have been busy, and we have an update about the Dashboard for TYPO3!

News from the Structured Content Initiative

Here’s an update from the TYPO3 Structured Content Initiative about recent progress and how you can help right now by completing a survey.

21 April 2020: TYPO3 v10 LTS Release and Party

The release date for TYPO3 v10 has been moved, and the new date is Tuesday, 21 April 2020. That’s the date of the TYPO3 Association’s General Assembly and the Grand Release Party at the TYPO3 Company office in Düsseldorf, Germany - and maybe at your agency too?