Site support

Site support

About the service

MIGRATION AND UPDATEMigration and site update (US)

Migrate sites of any type to TYPO3. Site migration without loss of design and without loss of content. Getting additional standard options. Combining several sites into one configuration. Updating sites on TYPO3 CMS from old versions to the latest. Content visualization.

TECHNICAL SUPPORTTechnical support site (SS)

Service and update TYPO3 CMS. Advice on site management. Updates used extensions. Server support. Security update and required patches. SEO optimization. Technical audit and project diagnostics.

SERVICE AND MAINTENANCESite evolution maintenance (MS)

Assistance in solving problems important for the customer. SSL certificates of any type. Data protection and security. Optimization of functions, introduction of new features, search and correction of errors. Integration with services and systems, data synchronization.

What We Do

Migrate site to TYPO3. Combining multiple sites in one configuration. Service and update. SEO optimization. Introduction of new features, search and correction of errors.

What We Don't Do

We do not leave without feedback any message to us.
We do not make differences in our work for customers from different countries.

Site Support Services


Site evolution maintenance (MS)

EUR27/ 1 hour
  • Non-typical problem solving
  • Development team management
  • Content visualization
  • Customer consultation
  • Site management
  • Other


Technical support site (SS)

EUR243/ month
  • Subscriber service
  • Minimum 3 months
  • Support: Individual 24/7
  • CMS Counseling
  • Server support
  • Technical support of the project
  • Update TYPO3
  • Technical audit and diagnostics
  • Other


Migration and site update (US)

EUR729/ minimum
  • Older versions of TYPO3
  • Replacing CMS with TYPO3
  • TypoScrypt changes
  • Saving style and content
  • Options and Applications
  • Functionality and new sections
  • Multilingual
  • Mobile Adaptation
  • Combining sites into one
  • Other

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the separation between content and site design?

Since TYPO3 truly separates content from a design and templates, building websites or applications has never been easier. There's no need to do dirty PHP hacking in template files because there are numerous template engines for TYPO3. Just choose the one that fits your needs best. With the built-in workspaces, you can run and try out several layouts simultaneously. You can analyze and change them continuously, carry out multivariate testing, or even redesign your whole application, while your editors can continue working on the current layout. Another advantage is that editors can start adding content immediately after the system is installed. They don't have to wait for the designers or the developers to finish their jobs.

What are the conditions for providing technical support?

The technical support service is provided on the basis of subscription service with a monthly fee. The minimum term for providing the service is 6 months.

What if my site on TYPO3 is old version?

We will update your content management system to the latest version, regardless of the old version of CMS TYPO3. Contact us and your project will work on the current version.

Our site uses another CMS. How to transform on TYPO3?

We will transfer your website to TYPO3 CMS. Install additional options and applications. Add an adaptation for mobile devices. We combine several sites into one configuration. We will provide a free further update within the installed version.

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