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Bringing Teams Together at the Combined TYPO3 Sprint


TYPO3 is about collaboration and community. A very special part of the community experience is when you not only work in your own team but also work together with other teams and exchange ideas. During the Combined Sprint in August 2019 in Freiburg, the Server Team, Documentation Team, and Design Team met to bring TYPO3 forward together.

Over three days, we coded, wrote and designed together. The participants included an exciting mix of experienced sprinters and some who were on their very first sprint. 

What was it all about?

A Report from the Design Team

For a successful sprint, you can decide in advance what tasks you will work on. Which will benefit the most from getting people together to collaborate? As we usually do, the Design Team brought a number of tasks that had been open during the year. 

Among them were smaller tasks, like a new background for the Association videos, an update of the TYPO3 Styleguide, as well as the processing of the web templates for the TYPO3 websites. 

The first example of the benefits of cross-team sprints when the Server Team could spontaneously provide a repository for the new TYPO3 Webstyleguide. 

In addition to this work, the Design Team was also given the task of making the templates as easy as possible to edit in order to give the community members in the various countries the option to print their own material for their user groups. 

In addition, we created some “general” TYPO3 Rollups for people to use. Roll-ups are portable marketing displays popular at events. Check out the designs on Google Drive.

So If you want to see our results go here for Assets and the new Styleguide.

A Report from the Server Team

We attended the combined sprint with three team members: Andreas Beutel, Andri Steiner, Michael Stucki. Andri and Michael worked through the configuration of the proxy servers and restored the Chef configuration to ensure all host are using the same setup and configuration. They also updated the Nginx DoS configuration that has been implemented on our infrastructure in the last sprint.

Also, we managed to jointly work on tickets, either in Forge or OTRS and were able to close a lot of tickets. Andri repaired the Spam learning mechanism in OTRS that has been implemented in our Sprint in May and reduced the amount of ticket Spam. Andri also built a ChefDk Docker Container which makes it easier to use Chef for all team members without a local installation of Chef. Andreas finished the LDAP update script and finally updated all accounts.

A Report from the Documentation Team

The last sprint where we met up with the t3o team this year had already provided a number of possibilities for collaboration.

During this sprint, we looked for ways to improve the usability of the theme on with members of the Design Team. The version selector is a topic that has come up several times this year, during camps or on Twitter.

Riona has created images to use for TYPO3 contribution tips on Twitter. Follow @T3DocTeam to get the latest and greatest tips - now in improved design!

Additionally, we talked with Michael Stucki about working on the TYPO3 Wiki and improving the workflow for merging content into

Want to Join our Next Sprint?

We posted about this sprint on the Events listing here on and promoted it within Slack. Keep an eye out on the Events listing page for news.  

And join the TYPO3 Slack Team and join the channels for various teams:

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