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Join Us at the Fluid 3.0 Workshop in Denmark


Join the mission to prepare Fluid version 3.0, help us improve documentation—and enjoy a couple of days in beautiful Denmark.

Date and Location

You are invited to join the Fluid 3.0 workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, 20–22 June, where Systime will host a TYPO3 event once again.

About the Event

The focus of the workshop is:

  • Convert all source code to PHP 7.2 minimum and implement strict types. This is why the name of the workshop is Fluid 3.0, as this conversion is the basis for the next major release.
  • A major refactoring of the internal components to unify Fluid’s patterns. Fluid is using a variety of classes to do very similar things. The goal of this task is to unify these into a smaller set of more generic components that are able to perform all the current tasks in Fluid, and much more.
  • Improvements for documentation and documentation generating. First of all, Fluid needs better, dedicated documentation and new documentation is required for the new capabilities added by the refactoring of Fluid’s internal components. Secondly, Fluid is capable of automatically generating documentation in the form of XSD files and being in the same location provides us with a great opportunity to improve this feature to work better with the way documentation is presented on the TYPO3 web site.

Sharing Knowledge About Fluid’s Internal Components

The refactoring that will take place is the ideal opportunity to learn more about not just how Fluid does things in current versions, but also learn how the refactored API will work and how it can be extended.

This means that we are mostly looking for the following types of people to join:

  1. Developers comfortable with PHP 7.2 strict types and refactoring and who are interested in developing the new and improved internal API of Fluid.
  2. Non-developers with writing skills (English) and a desire to help improve the user-facing documentation for Fluid.
  3. Anyone involved in the current documentation process in TYPO3 who wants to help guide the effort to improve Fluid’s documentation with a shared vision.

There will be two tracks:

  1. Track One: Type strictness and refactoring on one side,
  2. Track Two: Documentation on the other.

Towards the end, the two tracks will converge to discuss and improve Fluid’s automated documentation capabilities.

Workshop Agenda

  • Doors open on 20 June 08:00.
  • 09:00 short introduction of the workshop.
  • Doors close again on 22 June around 15:00.

Other than this there is no fixed schedule.

Travel and Accommodation

  • Lunch will be provided all three days but dinner is only provided on the 20th and 21st.
  • It will be possible to stay late evenings (and there may, just may, be served some beer brewed by Claus on Friday evening).
  • Hotel and travel costs can be reimbursed. Naturally there will be coffee and snacks enough to keep a small town awake and snacking for three days.

There is room in the budget for approximately 15 participants, but physical room for more who wish to participate without reimbursement. We may reschedule to a later time if we are unable to gather enough participants.

Register and Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

If you want to join us—and I hope you do—please add a tiny bit about yourself in the message field, such as which track you would like to join (or both!) and whether or not you will need reimbursement for travel and hotel.

Hope to see you there,

Claus Due, the Fluid guy.

Register for the Workshop text prep.: Carlos Llanos • Proofreading: Mathias Bolt Lesniak