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T3CON: Important Dates and Call for Proposals


We’re billing the 2019 TYPO3 Conference in The Hague as your gateway to digital success. This is a great event to grow your network, share knowledge, raise awareness, and increase visibility for your work.

We’d love to see your talk proposal soon. And if you’ve seen someone else give a fabulous talk, please pass on the CFP to them too. We’ve included some important dates here, but make sure to sign up to the TYPO3 Conference Newsletter for updates.

Speak at TYPO3 Conference

The TYPO3 community is buzzing with events. What makes the TYPO3 Conference different? It focuses on the business community that connects audiences, customers, and budgets for creating projects with TYPO3. This event also gives business leaders, CTOs, CMOs, digital project managers, and TYPO3 integration partners a chance to connect and strengthen relationships. This is the event to create and share business opportunities.

We’re looking forward to seeing your talk submissions. Wondering what you could speak about? We have four main themes to inspire people at this event. Here are some ideas of how you share your discoveries and share your expertise.  

Growing Business. Show and tell how you used TYPO3 to generate leads, convert, sell, and build relationships with new customers in a global multilingual market.

Digital Delivery. Talk about how you and your team deliver projects on time and in budget, while dealing with changes in the market and new capabilities.

Creating Experiences. If you’re building products and services, we’d all love to hear how you create engaging user experiences that keep customers happy.

Building Solutions. In this theme, we’d love to hear how you used TYPO3 to build secure and reliable digital experiences for users. We’d especially love to hear from community initiatives about what’s coming up in TYPO3 CMS 10.

We offer speakers a full free ticket, accommodation, and travel support if you’re coming from over 200km away. Also, the Yoast Diversity Fund offers speakers from underrepresented backgrounds financial support.

Check out the call for speakers here.

Have you seen a great talk?

We’re inviting people from outside TYPO3 to come to talk about growing business, digital delivery, and user experience.

Tell us, or send our call for speakers to a speaker you think should come to the TYPO3 Conference.

Tell us you’re joining!

Are you planning on attending TYPO3 Conference 2019? By telling folks “I’m attending” you help spread the word about community events.

If you think TYPO3 Conference should be listed somewhere, tell us, we’d like to get the word spread as widely as possible.

Sign up for updates and news

We’ll have announcements soon, so make sure to sign up to TYPO3 Conference Newsletter.

The full conference pass includes a ticket to the event, the Awards show, and the Afterparty. Here are some important dates:

  • 17–18 October 2019: TYPO3 Conference 2019, The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • 17 October 2019: TYPO3 Awards and Afterparty.
  • October 2019—Certification: Get certified at TYPO3 Conference. News coming soon!

Soon we’ll start announcing headlining speakers, accepted sessions, and the Awards application date.

The 2019 TYPO3 Conference in The Hagueimage