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TYPO3 9.5.14 and 8.7.31 maintenance releases published


The TYPO3 Community announces the versions 9.5.14 LTS and 8.7.31 LTS of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.

We are announcing the release of the following TYPO3 updates:

  • TYPO3 9.5.14 LTS
  • TYPO3 8.7.31 LTS

All versions are maintenance releases and contain some important bugfixes:

Support for Same Site Cookies

Read about SameSite Cookies here on

All cookies sent by TYPO3 requests now support the SameSite flag, which protects the users' privacy. For Frontend sessions the cookies are set to "SameSite=Lax" where as all other cookies such as Backend sessions, Install tool sessions and workspace cookies are set to "SameSite=Strict". It is possible to configure the SameSite flag for Frontend sessions and Backend sessions to be either "Strict", "Lax" or "None", see our ChangeLog documentation on configuration options.

Notes regarding third party authentication provider extensions that do not support SameSite=strict in TYPO3 Backend

TYPO3 Core enforces a high-security and sensible defaults regarding to privacy, which is why TYPO3 Backend cookies are set to "SameSite=Strict". This may affect installations with third-party extensions used for authentication e.g. OAuth2 or OpenID connect, where providers send direct POST requests and the extensions do not support SameSite=Strict. If a backend login is not possible anymore, it is recommended to set the configuration option $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['cookieSameSite'] = "lax"; in LocalConfiguration.php or AdditionalConfiguration.php.

Support for MountPoints in TYPO3 v9

MountPoints handling based on SiteHandling is now supported natively, while some restrictions with multiple MountPoints with the same path ("slug") still apply.

Routing Enhancements for TYPO3 v9

TYPO3's Route Enhancers now support "optional defaults" and correctly evaluate "default" and "requirements" options, similar to Symfony's configuration options.

Further upgrade instructions

No database upgrades are required for these maintenance releases.


TYPO3 can be installed in various ways. For example the traditional way by using the source package at or the modern way by setting up a project using composer, to name just two. Further details can be found in the according release notes: