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TYPO3 Conference Wrap Up!


The 14th TYPO3 Conference is a wrap! This is the main event for the business community in the TYPO3 ecosystem. Sharing knowledge around building your business and improving the impact of your TYPO3 projects helps ensure the TYPO3 community is productive and sustainable.

Making Fast Connections

The atmosphere at Fokker Terminal was bright and fresh. There was so much natural light filling the space, with plenty of coffee and tea available, and places to congregate and chat. 

The keynote speech by Christian Kromme, Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human, got people thinking about the big-picture relationship between humans and technology. This keynote framed a bigger conversation of “where are we going next?”

During the event, we had a program of presentations and workshops, with time in between for talking and meeting others in the main area of the venue. We selected a program that would encourage people to share successes, what they learned from failures, and what business opportunities they could offer the community. 

Thank you to the speakers and workshop facilitators. Some of those speakers were at their first TYPO3 community event ever, which helped us expand the conversation within the TYPO3 community. Keep an eye out on the official TYPO3 YouTube channel. We will be posting talk recordings.

View the gallery on Facebook.

Impressions from the Event

It’s been great to hear back from attendees that they left T3CON feeling better informed and inspired. We want to give a shout out to participants for sharing their impressions! 

If you have a blog post or link to share, please tell us in the comments below. 

Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the TYPO3 Awards. Read more: TYPO3 Awards: A Winning Site! And congratulations also to those who completed their TYPO3 Certification during the event.

Thank You to all the Sponsors and the TYPO3 Association

Thank you to all the sponsors. Especially Google, Language Wire, Site Improve, DDEV, Macopedia, and Maxserv. And of course, events like these are not possible without the support of the TYPO3 Association

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To finish out the year - join as a member today, or upgrade your membership. Every individual who relies on TYPO3 for their business or livelihood should feel really great about supporting the Association. 

If your work relies on TYPO3, now would be a great time to contribute by signing up for your membership to support the TYPO3 project. 

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