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What are extensions?


Extensions are the cornerstone in the internal architecture of TYPO3. This structure is a vital part of TYPO3 and will surely provide future growth for these reasons:

  • Easy sharing: Extensions are exceedingly easy to share; You press a single button and it's uploaded and online, available for others. Then a single click and it's downloaded, installed and running somewhere else.
  • Hassle-free updates: Updates of extensions are - just like installing - a one-click process. And the core itself is also easy to upgrade because it has been separated from the extensions.
  • Quick development: Extensions are easy to get kickstarted with an internal visual tool. Plus, all files of an extension are located in one single folder - very easy to handle.
  • High quality: Extensions will probably have a high quality since there is an API, clear guidelines for coding, well defined namespaces, and a whole community to comment and review them.
  • Documentation: Extensions can easily be well-documented since a very flexible and powerful integration of reStructuredText and Sphinx has been deployed. It really can't be easier.
  • Unlimited application: Extensions are able to integrate with almost every little corner of TYPO3, and that makes the possible applications of extensions practically unlimited.
  • Developer responsibility: The modular approach of extensions make the "developer-bazaar" just a little more organized and helps identify responsibility for each single part of TYPO3.
  • Support load: Since extensions will allow people to clearly identify what extension they need support for, it is easy to ask at the right place.